Our Board of Trustees

Randal Baker, President
Frank Schnidman, First Vice President
Dudley Omura, Second Vice President
Anthony Lombardo, Treasurer
Chieko Mihori, Vice President, Cultural Affairs
James Mihori, Vice President, Protocol

Mission Statement
To provide authentic Japanese cultural experiences that entertain, educate and inspire.

Trustees Palm Beach County Commissioners 
 Daniel DeMott  Steven L. Abrams, Chair
 Christine Carton  Priscilla A. Taylor, Vice Chair
 Jose Keichi Fuentes
 Hal R. Valeche
 Maurice Fulton  Paulette Burdick
 Brian Gallipeau  Shelley Vana
 June Gelb  Mary Lou Berger
 Norma C. Geller  Jess R. Santamaria
 Eugene Goldberg  
 Jon Herrick (ex officio)  
 Stella M. Holmes
 Ron Kessler
 Hoichi Kurisu  Palm Beach County Executive Staff
 Felix Laughlin  Robert Weisman, County Administrator
 Marc H. Launer  Eric Call, Director of Parks & Recreation
 William Manikas
 Errol L. Reese  
 Andrew M. Saidel  
 Allan Schlossberg
 Greg K. Weiss
 Bonnie White LeMay, Park Administrator  

Board of Trustees meetings are typically held on the 3rd Thursday of each month.  For a complete list of dates, please call 561-495-0233 x234