The Morikami Gardens named Roji-en: Garden of the Drops of Dew, The George D. and Harriet W. Cornell Japanese Gardens, were designed to be a living exhibit complementing the Museum.

Here in Roji-en, designer Hoichi Kurisu has striven to create a garden complex for the new millennium.
Its six distinct gardens are inspired by, but are not replicas of, famous gardens of Japan. Kurisu has created a unique garden conceived and constructed in the spirit of the masters.

There is no single way to interpret the garden. While we provide some historical, technical and aesthetic explanations for elements of the garden, we hope that such information will enhance, not overshadow, your experience, which is ultimately one of personal insight, discovery and invigoration.

The garden has abundant viewpoints that give you a chance to stop and enjoy your surroundings. Feel free to sit on a bench or flat-topped boulder and just relax as you take in the wide panorama of water, earth and sky, or enjoy a more intimate view of individual rocks and plants nearby.

Visit our Historical Gardens page to learn more about the Roji-en's six distinct gardens or download a map of our gardens for your visit.