More Opportunities to Reach Youth (MORY) Program

Kids from all over South Florida are diving into The Morikami's "More Opportunities to Reach Youth" (MORY) program, featuring fun Japanese cultural activities. The grant-funded program invites groups of students from non-profit organizations to participate in the Morikami's Summer Tour-Plus program, a 2 hour experience including a guided tour of the museum and exciting activities.

The interactive program introduces children ranging from kindergarten to high school age to the museum's Japanese art objects and artifacts. The children are also encouraged to visit the Morikami's gardens and its features.

"MORY is a very popular program with the children because it provides them with a unique way to have fun, explore, and learn," said Beth Kawazura, Project Manager for the MORY program. "Because some local children don't have the opportunity to experience the Morikami and its programs, MORY provides a great way for them to expand their knowledge of a different culture."